25 February 2019

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Two Berkeley Springs Restaurants Featured in 101 Unique Places to Dine

Along with special lunch and dinner deals, the Wild, Wonderful West Virginia tourism office also released a list of 101 unique places to dine in the state.

One of the lucky features is Lot 12 Public House, an upscale restaurant in Berkeley Springs.

“We have the upscale cuisine, in a comfort setting, in a crazy unique town like Berkeley Springs,” said chef and owner Damian Heath, when asked about why his restaurant might have been selected. “So it’s just a little gem to find in Berkeley Springs.”

The restaurant opened 16 years ago, and is named after one of the plot of land – Lot #12 – which was given to Capt. John Swann of Washington County, Md. by the Trustees of the Town of Bath in 1777.

“We’ve had a great run and we keep going,” Heath said. “We have a commitment to local food as much as we can, and we just keep going! [We’re always] working hard, and making some great food,” Heath said.

Heath said one of Lot 12’s menu favorites is the crisp roasted duck.

“It’s a long process to make and it’s really nice, and you don’t find it may places,” Heath said.

Eight restaurants within our West Virginia coverage area made the list. For the full list of 101 unique restaurants, click on this link.

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